What does the word stationery mean to you?  The World English Dictionary defines stationery as “any writing materials, such as paper, envelopes, pens, ink, rulers, etc.”  Today there are so many options in the world of stationery you can truly find products to suit every taste and personality.

Historically the traditional option for stationery on which people wrote letters is called “writing papers.”  There are numerous options for traditional writing papers as well as updated ones that include embossed images and a multitude of colors and designs.  Writing papers provide large areas for writing letters or longer messages where having space is imperative.


Emily Elizabeth Paper Boutique Stationery Crane Writing Papers

Pictured above is ruled half sheets from Crane and Company


Emily Elizabeth Paper Boutique Stationery Smock Writing Papers

Pictured above is bamboo paper lettersheets from Smock Papers


Folded stationery note cards are very common and they come in a variety of shapes and sizes.  Folded note cards can be used when writing shorter letters or messages when you don’t need a large writing paper sheet.  A folded note card also provides more opportunity for the personalization and individual style of the writer to be expressed.


Emily Elizabeth Paper Boutique Stationery Crane Folded Card

Pictured above is a folded hand engraved note card from Crane and Company



Pictured above are folded note cards from Rifle Paper company


Recently the emergence of flat note cards have taken over the shelves of paper stores around the country.  Much like folded note cards a flat note cards is used when you only need a small space for your letter or message.  One major advantage to a flat note cards is that the smaller real estate is just enough space for a quick note and you don’t feel obligated to write a long and drawn out message.  Flat note cards come in a variety of sizes and can be customized to fit the writer’s individual personality and style.


Emily Elizabeth Paper Boutique Stationery OneCanoeTwo Flat Card

Pictured above are flat note cards from OneCanoeTwo Letterpress


Emily Elizabeth Paper Boutique Stationery 9th Letterpress Flat Card

Pictured above are flat note cards from 9th Letterpress


Occasion cards are extremely popular for milestones such as birthdays, the birth of a child, congratulations, and sympathy.  The current options in occasion cards are at time overwhelming.  It used to be that big box stores were the only occasion cards you had to choose from but that is not the case anymore.  In today’s market there are so many small independent card lines whose craftsmanship and quality are simply amazing.  These are generally the types of occasion cards that small independent paper and card stores carry.  There are also a variety of printing methods use which adds to the choices that you have available to you.  You will find that most specialty occasion cards have very unique designs and are blank on the inside so you can write your own message and really customize it to the recipient.  Here are a few of our favorite occasion cards designers.



Pictured above is a folded occasion birthday card from Rifle Paper Company


Pictured above is a folded occasion love card from OneCanoeTwo letterpress


Pictured above is a folded occasion baby card from Carolyn Suzuki


Emily Elizabeth Paper Boutique offers a wide variety of stock and personalized stationery options.  Whether it is writing papers or any type of card that you are looking for we have you covered.  We think that you will be amazed at the array of quality products that we have assembled for our customers.  As a bonus, when you join our frequent shopper program you will get one (1) punch for each single card (flat, folded, or occasion) purchased and then after 9 punches your 10th card is free!  This is just our way of saying thank you to our customers who support small businesses in Simpsonville.


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